Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 For Veterinarians




Now Veterinarians can take the most advanced speech recognition solution to the table and create a better patient environment that includes more focused care and efficiency for the practice.


Speech enable Avimark, ImProMed, or Cornerstone Practice Management software for Veterinarians with Dragon Medical Practice Edition with Dragon Veterinary. Dragon Veterinary software allows you to efficiently dictate with your voice directly into any field in Cornerstone, AviMark or ImProMed, with fluent, meaningful, personalized narratives that are not cookie-cutter. Six months later you’ll be able to recall the full details and provide better patient care. Faster and more efficient than just typing and clicking into your practice management software – instantly types entire paragraphs or templates with your voice using a trigger word (macro).


Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 now includes supplemental vocabularies, allowing veterinarians to
dictate every element of the patient encounter in their own words with 99 percent accuracy.The creation of more comprehensive notes combined with simplified navigation and transcription is already saving veterinarians a measurable amount of money on administrative costs and significantly reducing the liability associated with inaccurate or incomplete record keeping. In addition, vets can save 30 to 90 minutes every day without compromising the quality of each visit.


Compatible with most major practice management systems

Customized veterinary vocabulary with over 8000 Breeds, Species, and parasites.

Over 250,000 medical terms included in pre-existing vocabulary

Accent support with an acoustic model that understands how you speak based on your country of origin


Use voice commands to complete multi-click tasks
Navigate your computer and applications by voice
Dictate personalized and unique patient narratives
Reduce the time you spend documenting care by 30 to 90 minutes each day
Have more time to focus on your patients
Create more detailed and complete notes that reduce liability
Save money on administrative costs
Veterinarian inspired success stories

Keep your technology on a tight leash

Alliance Voice Solutions has over 10 years of experience facilitating the installation, training and support for voice solutions. We take the time to review your environment, discuss options and provide the level of support that will keep your practice productive and fully proficient using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.


Dragon Veterinary Vocabulary Set For Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4