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How can we help? Do you need to complete a new installation? Troubleshoot a problem with one of your systems? Does someone on your team require training? Let us assist you! Certified eSupport has decades of combined technical experience, with specialists equipped to handle both minor and major IT challenges. We provide the expertise you need to use your office technology effectively and to stay up and running. We offer a menu of professional services that covers basic installation and configuration, workflow design, IT discovery, remote installations, enterprise voice and speech integration, staff training, and more. Our goal is for you to have the best possible experience, and to deliver an immediate return on your technology investment. As a member of Certified eSupport, you’ll have the very best professional services available to you, allowing you to devote more time to helping clients and treating patients. As voice processing, enterprise management, and speech recognition advance with the rest of technology, we work tirelessly to stay abreast of these changes. As industry leaders, we’re proud to offer solutions that continue to evolve, serving the needs of healthcare, legal, corporate, and government professionals.

Support, Configuration, Installation, & Training We can help you accomplish your goals. We offer both basic and advanced technical services, as well as user and admin training, enabling you to do everything you need to. Our tiered support packages allow you to spend more time finishing tasks and helping clients and patients—and less time trying to make your technology work properly. Do you want to reduce the number of hours it takes to create documentation? Do you wish you could empower your team to accomplish goals they previously hadn’t had the bandwidth or knowledge to perform? Our team of technical experts is ready to assist you.

Please note: All of the plans below include 1 year of knowledgebase access

Assist Me 1-hour of personalized remote assistance Think of this option as simply a one-session, one-hour block of time for anything you need. That means that we can apportion the time as you desire. Assist Me is perfect for simple installations paired with a short training, or advanced configuration of an installed solution. $129.00/hour

Support Me 1-year of tech support Do you know what to do if an error message pops up while you’re transcribing a recording? If your dictations no longer download to your computer? Don’t get wrapped up in hours of troubleshooting. Instead, sign up for a full year of dictation, transcription, and speech recognition support. Since our technicians handle these types of issues regularly, we can resolve them efficiently and get you back up and running. Technical problems don’t have to be big obstacles. With Support Me, you get access to a year of professional support—via email, chat, or phone—to address any errors, failures, or other breakdowns. $149.00

Tier 1 1-hour of personalized remote assistance with 1-year of tech support This level of support gives you all of the benefits of Support Me, plus one hour of personalized training, installation, and customization via remote desktop streaming software. Enjoy one year of technical assistance, by phone or via remote session, for any errors or issues that arise. You also have access to live chat support and our ticketing service. Creating a ticket is excellent for getting answers to questions that can’t be found in the knowledgebase, or that arise after normal business hours. Tickets receive a response within 24 hours of inquiry. $250.00

Tier 2 4-hours of personalized remote assistance with 1-year of tech support This level of support gives you all the benefits of Support Me, plus four hours of personalized training, installation, and customization via remote desktop streaming software. You can set appointments with us when it’s convenient for you, and we’ll keep track of how much time you have left. We’ll also subdivide the four hours, which is an advantage over buying multiple Assist Me packages. You can get your software and hardware installed and configured, learn all the ins and outs, and then get customizations that fit your needs exactly! $599.00

Tier 3 8-hours of personalized remote assistance with 1-year of tech support This level of support includes everything found in our Tier Two package, plus four more hours of installation, training, and customization— for a total of eight hours. These extra four hours are usually required for advanced services such as: custom command development, enterprise workflow configuration, server installation, client deployment, and virtual environment integration. $1099.00

Tier 4 8-hours of personalized remote + on-site assistance with 1-year of tech support Tier Four is the highest and most comprehensive level of support offered by Certified eSupport. It includes all the benefits of Tier Three, with the added benefit of per-diem on-site assistance. This service package includes: 8 hours per-diem on-site installation, configuration, customization, and training for you and all of your support staff, as well as 8-hours total of personalized remote assistance. This is the red carpet of service packages, for those of you who have big goals and want excellent, hands-on service. Call for Pricing

Call for Pricing If you have purchased a maintenance agreement and would like to upgrade to a higher tier, you will be credited for your original purchase. To learn more about how Certified eSupport can help you increase your productivity, improve your workflows, and take full advantage of voice technology, contact us at: 650-967-2117