Alliance Voice Solutions Capability Statement – State of California

Capability Statement – State of California


Use Your Voice to Dictate Documents

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Alliance Voice Solutions help federal, state and local government workers leverage speech recognition technology to dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete case-related paperwork – from session and contact notes to assessments and treatment plans. Speech recognition software can be used to quickly and accurately create documents and emails so you can focus on meeting the needs of your documentation by speech, rather than so much administrative paperwork.

The Benefits of Dragon Dictation Solutions

Dragon Professional v16

Dragon Professional v16

Boost your dictation performance efficiency.

By adding customized words for accurate recognition of the industry terms, acronyms or personal preferences you use every day.

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We’ve partnered with thousands of schools and companies across a wide range of industries, working closely with each to deliver the customer service solutions that best address their specific challenges. And we’re ready to work with you.

Alliance Voice Solutions is committed to providing you with the best speech recognition software. It’s transcription made easy digital dictation solutions are ideally perfect for healthcare, legal, corporate, federal, state and local government professionals.  Dragon can help caseworkers better manage workloads and assist with the increasing demand for accountability.

Dragon Law Enforcement

Dragon Law Enforcement


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NAICS Code(s)

334210:  Telephone Apparatus Manufacturing

334614:  Software Products

517911:  Telecommunications Resellers

517919:  All Other Telecommunications

541512:  Computer Systems Design Services

541513:  Computer Facilities Management Services 

541519:  Other Computer Related Services

541611:  Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

541612:  Human Resources Consulting Services

541618:  Other Management Consulting Services

541930:  Translation and Interpretation Services

561110:  Office Administrative Services

561410:  Document Preparation Services

561440:  Collection Agencies

561499:  All Other Business Support Services

561990:  All Other Support Services

611430:  Professional and Management Development Training

611710:  Educational Support Services

812990:  All Other Personal Services

UNSPSC Code(s)

43000000: Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications

43200000: Components for information technology or broadcasting or   telecommunications

 43211500: Computers

43211600: Computer accessories

43211700: Computer data input devices

43211800: Computer data input device accessories

43211900: Computer displays

43212000: Computer display accessories

43212100: Computer printers

43221500: Call management systems or accessories

43232000: Computer game or entertainment software

43232500: Educational or reference software

43232600: Industry specific software

43233400: Utility and device driver software

45121500: Cameras Information

60106200: Technology teaching aids and materials

72151604: Telephone and telephone equipment installation service

81111500: Software or hardware engineering

84101700: Debt management

84111500: Accounting services

85122100: Rehabilitation services

Alliance Voice Solutions

Nuance Dragon Communication Distributor
650 Castro Street, Suite 120-437 Mountain View, CA 94041
Telephone: 650-967-2117
Cell: 650-454-7678
Fax: 650-396-4200
Email address:
D-U-N-S – 963402362
CAGE Code – 77RD6
WOSB Certified Economically Disadvantaged or EDWOSB

State of California Certification Number – 2008507

California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) Number – 3-22-11-1000